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WARNING: The 1st 2 presentations -- "MY EYES" and "HEART" -- are STAND-ALONE events! Both evoke questions and emotions which require time for response. Both require advance technical preparation and testing to assure quality presentation. (See below "LOGISTICS".) These 2 presentations must not be bounded by, uncertain, firm or crowded program schedules. Best times -- solo evening program; at a conference, 1st morning or 1st after lunch program.

MY EYES HAVE SEEN - After Selma: Appropriate for Middle School through College Graduate Studies and public Community Convocation

Personal Narrative & “Back Stories” with Selected Visual Images.  Primarily early years photographing for Dr. King, the  Black Civil Rights & other movements. These are the siminal experiences and images that generated a life-long commitment to community organizing and documenting non-violent movements for peace & justic. (Minimum 45min. of projected images, ½ hr. Q&A. Pre-event homeworrk optional. Printed home-study guide available.)

SEEING IS WITH THE HEART -- AESTHETIC DOCUMENTARY  PHOTOGRAPHY -- Appropriate for Middle School through College Graduate Studies and small public workshop.

Directed discussion and images.  Focus on images of personal inspiration, back stories and aesthetic components to identify components of empowered story telling.  (50-90 minutes; copies of The Little Prince, Xerox page copies & pre-workshop homework.) 

WHAT’S A 6-FOOT GRINGO LIKE YOU DOING HERE -- ARE YOU A COP? Appropriate for College and adult community organizing and community studies workshops.

Directed discussion about working in cross-class/racial/ethnic/gender communities & campaigns.  (50-90 minutes; Xerox page copies & pre-workshop homework) 

NONVIOLENT ORGANIZING IN MY OWN BACKYARD --  Appropriate for College and adult community organizing and community studies workshops.

Directed Discussion about effective organizing within one’s community and around personal & local issues. (50-90 minutes; Xerox page copies & pre-workshop homework)

CUSTOM PRESENTATION --  College and adult community organizing and community studies workshops.

The wide range of my photo documentary subjects, campaigns and personal organizing activities (visit "Biography" and "Archives") may suggest a new and different presentation configuration of images, personal stories and reflection.   Please contact me about your personal interests, education ideas and need: Bob Fitch, 831/722-3311, protected e-mail: bob(at) [exchange "@" for "(at)".



DAVID BRUNDAGE, UCSC History Professor.

Riveting, fabulous photos and an ability to convey experience.  
Bob touched and excited my students.  They were watching and attentive; on the edge of their seats.  They had already done their homework about the Black Civil Rights Movement, but then to hear the behind-the-scenes stories by someone who was there was startling.  
His presentation is not just a recitation of past events and people.  The leaders and workers they’ve read about in books came alive, became human. Bob helped my students feel that experience, and furthermore, to think about how they might make social justice happen in their own lives.
Bob has thought deeply about the meaning of his experience, those events and people.  His images and personal stories coveys that excitement and the struggle.
David Brundage, Professor of Community Studies, Oaks College, University of California Santa Cruz.  Class: The Civil Rights Movement – Grassroots change in American Society; co-author, Who Built America? Working People and the Nations Economy; and , Politics, Culture and society, Making of Western Labor Radicalism,

JESSICA OLAMIT, Middle School Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA.

For my students Bob’s slide and story presentation is one of the highlights of the year.They love hearing from somebody who witnessed history, who has been there.  Additionally, the combination of hearing stories about the Civil Rights Movement and the Farmworker Union as told by an artist is rare and unique.
His stories and images are not just about the famous people in history, but also about every-day individuals who participated in the movements, who weren’t famous but who made the movement happen.   This is something that teachers are always trying to get across, but is difficult just using a text book.  Living history is more powerful.
Bob gets a lot of respect from my students.  He doesn’t glamorize or sugar-coat events. He has credibility – he has an honesty and humility about his own life and work that my kids are drawn to.  Bob is awesome.  He is respected by and connects with young people..  
Jessica Olamit, 8th grade teacher, Mission Hill Middle School, Santa Cruz, CA; Humanities and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID, elective college prep motivational class).

KATHLEEN CROCETTI Award winning artist and middle school teacher.

Bob is living history; a major documentarian of the social and equity issues of our time.  
His photographs are stunning visual images.  Combined with his behind-the-scene personal stories, he evokes in students an engagement with justice and equity issues that generates thoughtful inquiry and dialogue long after his presentation.
As a Middle School teacher I especially appreciate that his presentations raises the level of multi-cultural understanding among students so that they have more empathy with one another.
Kathleen Crocetti, Watsonville, CA – City of Santa Cruz  Middle School Art Teacher, 2010 Middle School Art Teacher of the Year (CA. Art Educator’s Association), Exhibiting Artist, Visual and performing Arts Coordinator for the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

JENNIFER LASKIN, Renaissance Continuation School, Watsonville.

Bob Fitch brings history to life.  For my students he is a hero, as are the people he photographed.  There is nothing like the real thing! Bob and his work are indeed, the real thing.  His presentation is professional, passionate and one of the most interesting ever to occur in my classroom.

As a teacher in a Continuation High School, my at-risk and skeptical students rarely are as excited and honored by a presenter.  Bob's humble manner and extraordinary work are a delightful window for students to view this essential time in history.

The iconic figures he has worked with are humanized through his photographs.  The thousands of others involved in the Civil Rights Movement are brought to the forefront.  Students understand it was not just Martin Luther King or Cesar Chavez who led these movements but a multitude of others, close in age and appearance to my students.  They are changed forever by his visit to our classroom.  They see themselves as relevant in the continued struggle and they gain the understanding that it was the work of a generation, of faceless, nameless folks who pushed this country forward in the arena of Civil Rights.  

A one hour presentation by Bob Fitch is worth two months of classroom teaching and video.  I highly recommend a visit from him to every classroom in America.

Jenn Laskin is a certified Reading Specialist, Humanities Teacher, and Community Activist
with 11 years of classroom teaching experience.  

KAREN SHAFFER  30-year K-6 public school teacher.

I would not hesitate to invite master storyteller and photographer Bob Fitch back to my kindergarten classroom again.

Utilizing his legacy of photos from  the 1960's thru the 1970's he invited my five and six year olds to pick a picture from his collection.  He explained to them that seeing is with the heart, and he asked each to describe what they thought was  happening in the photo.   After each child shared Mr. Fitch then explained what was really happening in the photos.

The combination of the powerful and moving, sometimes funny and delightful black and white images coupled with Mr. Fitch's own playful and insightful presentation set my kids at ease ,  facilitated  and promoted their self- directed and reflective learning response

 It is not often you find someone able to easily create the immediately trusting and safe environment that allows small children to open up as they did so that day.

Karen Shaffer is a has a Masters Degree in Curriculum Instruction and a credential in Cross Cultural Language and Development.

JAXON RAVENS, Chair, Washington State Democrat Party; audience comments after April 2015 presentation in Vancouver, WA.

*To have personally known the players, captured such a historical time onfilm and relay the experiences so humbly. Bob Fitch’s presentation was one of the most moving I have attended.

*Bob’s presentation was very interesting and also very moving.  He has seen firsthand the organizational efforts of Dr. King and really knows how to describe the oppression that led up to it.  I was expecting simply to see great pictures but instead saw great pictures and received a great education!

*Bob gave us so much inside information.  My husband and I both followed the news closely in the 60’s and 70’s, but we only knew what the media told us.  We both came home saying “I never knew that . . .” I think
  your Bob needs to come back to Clark County.  I know that there are many more stories to tell, and I want to hear them!

*A photograph speaks a thousand words, but you never know the true meaning until they are presented to you by the photographer.

*[Bob] captured the image of those people's souls. I could feel their pain. I felt like I was there experiencing it as he had. Like he said, it's not about the photographer, it's about the people. 

*We were most fortunate to have this excellent presentation.  Clark County, with its low voter turnout, can really benefit from seeing the struggles many have gone through to get the vote. With more lead time, there would be more opportunity to share these valuable lessons with more people,especially the younger generations, (Perhaps at Clark College or Washington State). Thank you for making this happen.

*I found the presentation valuable in a few ways.

1. Speaking as someone only 2 years old when MLK was killed, I found the presentation a lot more educating than just reading about these events online or in a book. Bob’s mix of personal stories and history gave a unique perspective that I think most of us who weren't alive or very young during those years don't get that often. It personalizes the civil rights movement in a way that reminds us this fight isn't over by a  long shot.

2.  Bob made some points about political organizing, structure and other areas I think party leaders may find useful for considering their strategies and messaging for today’s needs.

3. It was refreshing and inspiring to remember why we're Democrats in the first place. We've been so caught up in local party business, planning and administration lately, I welcomed the opportunity to remind us that in the midst of all that - we must not lose sight of why we all work so hard behind the scenes. It was nice to see the room united in   purpose and energized, reminded of our core values we all share.



Dark screening room;
quality digital projector with;
12' screen or larger;
laptop PC or Mac with, CD and DVD play capacity;
spare USB socket for image image advance "clicker";
cords for computer-projector link;
movable music sand/lecturn for notes;
over 20 people - wireless microphone amplification with optional mike stand; imperative,

FEE: I cherish, and am honored, by any opportunity to share my images and experience.  I require little or no personal compensation. Stipends, contributions and photo sales support continuing free documentary wrok for peace and justice campaigns. Barter is acceptable. Most presentations are no-fee benefits for community organizations.  

TRAVEL: For this elder, who now has physical limits, arrangements for travel are important!

A 1-2 hour mid-size sedan drive to sites near my home is no problem. I am more rested if another drives.

Lodging and meals are needed if activities are day(s)-long, early morning or late evening. 

Travel arrangements must be reviewed and approved by me and paid in advance by the host

I normally travel with an assistant.  Extended travel logistic accommodations are for 2 persons.  

If possible, when traveling to an unfamiliar location it is enjoyable to have a few days to visit and experience local activities-and-people-of-interest.

Confined space on bus or airplane is tediously debilitating -- I experience excessive weariness, painful stiffness, cramps and imbalance.  For long trips my body requires "one-stop” transport by train (compartment for overnight), air-upgrade or air-business class.  

Excepting long rides, really good public transportation (such as NYC, DC, Toronto) is educational and fun. Taxi, limo and van transport is usually OK.  

These arrangements significantly contribute to my health and energy.  As with all of our work, the solution is organizing.  Many clever groups have organized benefit events with a member volunteer providing close-to-event lodging and meals. To support costly plane flight, members have contributed and collected free-air-miles. We can work it out.